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We offer a considered, logical alternative that makes the best use of the technology currently available.
Lighting can enhance the feeling of safety and security in urban areas. The use of LED lighting offers both a long lamp life as well as full-spectrum white light.
Lighting in industrial buildings creates a number of problems that have to be addressed. Issues such as vibration caused by machinery as well as mounting points that are difficult to access.
Lumina Lighting is a supplier of specialist LED lighting products. The luminaires are both resilient and weather resistant.
It is a common sight in all our towns and cities; lights on all night long, regardless of whether they are needed or not. From a Health and Safety perspective, it is important that public spaces are well lit, but perhaps we should we also be considering the amount of energy it takes to provide this level of illumination.
Our light fittings can incorporate a microwave sensor which will put the luminaire into its “stand-by mode” and lower the light output. As soon as someone approaches the area under control, the luminaire will revert to full output again. This approach will save both energy and CO2 emissions and will also reduce maintenance costs.
Our fittings are manufactured using the latest LED technology which can be coupled with automatic microwave occupancy sensors to save energy and reduce maintenance costs. They are constructed using die-cast aliminium and polycarbonate long service life.
Good quality LED lighting will ensure that illumination levels are maintained whilst reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.
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